1. First, you'll need to download ConnexMe TV from evenium.tv (available on Mac and Windows) and install the software on your presentation laptop. 

2. After launching ConnexMe TV, you'll have two ways to login

Using your Evenium credentials (same as the ones you're using for ConnexMe)

Simply enter your credentials and click Connect

On the next window, select your event and click Continue

Using your smartphone to scan a QR code

This can be useful if you don't have a password setup for your Evenium account or can't remember it. Click on the "Connect via QR code" button

This will open up a window with a QR code displayed. From your smartphone/tablet, open ConnexMe and go to your meeting. Then, from the menu on the top left, select the QR code scanner:

Scan the QR code and that will log you to the meeting.


In both cases, you'll arrive at a main window that looks like the image below, press the Hide button to hide ConnexMe TV, which will be primarily controlled from the application ConnexMe.