First, you will need to retrieve the event code and web link to give to your attendees. You can do so in ConnexMe under Menu -> Organizer, as shown below:

Then , there are two ways attendees can join the meeting:

For those who have the native ConnexMe app installed on their smartphone or tablet

Share with them your event code. In the screenshot above, it is the underlined part ("cmdemo"). Attendees can search for the meeting using the event code in the search bar inside the app:

For those joining through a web browser, no matter the device used

They only need to open a new browser tab and go to the URL for your event, in the example above to (the event code - cmdemo - will be replaced by your event code).

Additional Note

If you're using ConnexMe TV on your presentation computer (article on how to install it), you can display an overlay with information on how to get connected to the app. 

Go to your meeting in ConnexMe, in the Interact tab go to the Remote Control menu

Scroll down until you arrive at the Main screen mode options, and select Get Connected

This will display an overlay on the presentation computer running ConnexMe TV, with information on how to get connected to the ConnexMe application. Again, this will only work if you have the ConnexMe TV software installed and running on the presentation computer.

Screen of the presentation computer running ConnexMe TV

When you want to remove the overlay from the screen, select the Nothing option under Main screen mode in ConnexMe, as shown below