First, you'll want to make sure you have ConnexMe TV running on your presentation computer. If you need instructions on how to download and launch ConnexMe TV, check this article.

Then in ConnexMe go to your meeting and on the Interact tab, click Remote Control

On the remote control page, scroll down until you see the Capture option, and click on the presentation screen icon, as shown below

The icon will turn red, meaning you are streaming your screen (be careful, it streams anything on your screen!) to attendees in ConnexMe

View in ConnexMe - Screen Capture icon in red

Slide displayed full screen on presentation laptop running ConnexMe TV

What participants see inside ConnexMe

Every time there will be a new slide on the presentation computer, it will be captured and streamed to attendees inside ConnexMe.

To turn off the capture of slides, go back to the Remote Control page and click on the red Presentation Screen button next to the Capture option.