First, you'll want to make sure you have ConnexMe TV running on your presentation computer. If you need instructions on how to download and launch ConnexMe TV, check this article.

Once ConnexMe TV is running on your presentation computer, go to your meeting in ConnexMe. There you'll have two ways to push comments from the app on a screen. 

Display comments individually, one at a time

From the Interact page of ConnexMe, look at any comment you'd like to push on screen and click the 3 orange bars next to the comment

A popup menu appears at the bottom of your screen, select the Show fullscreen option

On the presentation laptop running the ConnexMe TV software, you will now see the comment being displayed fullscreen

Screen of the presentation laptop running ConnexMe TV

When you want to hide the comment, press the hide from screen button in ConnexMe

Display multiple comments at once using the Comment Wall

To use the Comment Wall, go to the Remote Control page, scroll down until you see the Main screen mode options then select Comment Wall

This by default will display a wall of the most recent comments, showing the most liked comments first.

We can change the behavior of the Comment Wall using different options, found in the Display setting menu at the bottom of the Remote Control page


As you can see, there are different options you can play with. One example we will show here is if you want to manually choose comments from the live feed to appear on the Comment Wall.

In order to achieve that, here's how we want to configure the different options

- Sort by: chronologically 

- Show favorites only: activated

- Show tweets: deactivated

- Display since: all-time (we want to be able to favorite even older comments as they might be relevant to bring back to the discussion)

- Filter by keyword: deactivated

It should look like this

Now on your presentation laptop, the Comment Wall should be empty (unless you've starred some comments)

Screen of the presentation computer running ConnexMe TV

To add comments to the Comment Wall, star them in ConnexMe

They will then appear on the presentation laptop running ConnexMe TV

If you want to remove the Comment Wall from screen, go to the Remote Control page and select the Nothing option under Main screen mode