The option will become visible whenever you have any set of polling results displayed on the presentation screen. To push polling results on the presentation screen, you need to have ConnexMe TV installed and running on the presentation computer. Read this article if you need instructions on how to do that.

In ConnexMe, go to the Interact tab and to the Polls page

Comparing two sets of results for the same question

While you have your first set of results push on the presentation screen, click on a previous set of results as shown in the screenshot below

This will open up the previous results and you will see the Display comparison button

This is what you will see on the presentation screen of the computer running the ConnexMe TV software

You can either remove the comparison and just display the current active poll, or you can simply close the poll altogether and remove all results from the presentation computer screen

Comparing two sets of results for different polling questions

Most of the process is similar, you'll want to have a first set of polling results being displayed on the presentation computer.  The difference is that you will be looking at another set of results to be displayed from a different polling question, as shown in the example below

Press the Display comparison button

This is how it will appear on the presentation computer