ConnexMe has different interactive features you can use. Beyond what you'll find in this article, feel free to reach out to your project manager to discuss how to best use those features for your particular event. 


1. Accessing ConnexMe

If you've created and configured your event as explained in this article, you should have a customized link to access your event in ConnexMe. It should look like this:{code}, where {code} is the event code you've chosen for your event. Most of the items covered in this article will give you directions in ConnexMe. For a couple elements (like comment moderation), you will need to access the back-office of your event.

Thus we recommend you have two tabs open while following these directions. One with your event in ConnexMe ({code}) and another tab with the back-office of your event. Open a new tab, go to, click on Login/My Events on the top right and select your event in the right side of your screen.


Address bar 

Your event in ConnexMe

Back Office

List of your events

Back office

2. Posting Comments

In ConnexMe, go to the Interact tab, you'll see a box where attendees can post comments, questions, ideas,...

You'll notice they'll also have an option to post pictures 

When a comment is posted, it will automatically appear on the the interactive feed for all participants. Later in these instructions you will find a way to choose to approve every single comment before having it on the feed if you prefer that. 

Posting a comment

Posted comment

3. Upvote Comments

Attendees have the ability to upvote each other comments

Note that you can order comments by number of upvotes. Towards the bottom of the page, you will find filtering options 

4. Reply to Comments

To reply to a comment and start a thread of discussion, click (or tap) on the comment, a box will appear beneath where you can type in your reply. 

This can be used in many ways, here are a few suggestions:

- Having an ongoing discussion between attendees before, during and after the event.

- Speakers can reply to attendees even after their session is over.

- As an organizer/speaker, you can ask questions ahead of the event and collect ideas/replies from attendees in an organized fashion (different threads of discussion for different questions). That way when you start the event you already have some input from the attendees to work with. 

5. Admin Controls on comments

As an admin or organizer of the event, you'll have access to extra controls, highlighted in orange:

- Clicking on Edit will allow you to edit any comment that was posted in ConnexMe.

- Clicking on the Star will favorite the comment. All organizers share favorite comments, which is neat if for instance you want to "save" questions during a session to be answered at the end.

- Clicking on the menu icon on the right will give you additional options, most noticeably the ability to pin a comment.


6. Edit Comments and move them from one location to another

As an admin, you can move a post made in one location to another one. This is particularly useful if you have small group discussions as part of an overall workshop session. You might have attendees split up in different rooms in ConnexMe, brainstorm some ideas that they will post on their respective feed. As a facilitator, you can go into each room, look at what was posted and select a few comments to be brought back to the main room where people will reconvene after the group activity is over. 

To do so, go into any of the location in ConnexMe - as a reminder you can use the location selector in the top left of the Interact page:

To edit & move a comment, click on it and on "Edit"

You can change the text (fix a quick typo for instance, or reword/synthesize an idea), and change it's location if needed

Now you can see the comment in the Main Room

7. Delete Comments

To delete comments, you'll need to access the back office of your event. Go to the ConnexMe menu (not to be mistaken with the Configuration -> ConnexMe page), and select "Manage Comments & Slides".

Here you can select a location using the drop down menu on the left, and for each comment you'll see "Remove" and "Block" buttons.

If you click on the Remove button, it will delete the comment (cannot be undone!).

8. Export Posted Comments and Pictures

You may have noticed it is also on this page (back office -> ConnexMe -> Manage Comments & Slides) that you can export posts that were made in ConnexMe. Towards the top of the screen you will see two buttons, "Export" and "Export images".

You can export these for each location.

9. Using Active Moderation

If you'd rather manually validate every comment before it even appears on the live feed of ConnexMe, you can activate an option in the back office that will allow you just that. 

Go to Configuration -> ConnexMe, and scroll down the page until you find the "Comment Moderation" section

You can choose to activate/deactivate comment moderation for each location you've created. When it's enabled, any new post will not automatically appear in ConnexMe but you will instead have to go to the back office in ConnexMe -> Conduct to approve/disapprove them.

If you refuse a comment, it will simply be deleted, and if you accept it, it will appear on the live feed in ConnexMe

10. Creating Polls

Only available to organizers/admins, you can find the Polls menu on the Interact tab in ConnexMe

Here you can see all your existing polls and create new ones

Multiple formats are available, below you'll see examples of what participants see and how results are displayed in ConnexMe

10.a. One Answer



Launched - what appears on participants screens

How results appear in ConnexMe

10.b. Multiple Answers

Creation - Note here that we're asking attendees to select exactly two answers


Launched - What participants see

Results in ConnexMe

10.c. Ranking



Launched - What participants see

Results in ConnexMe

10.d. Word cloud



Launched - What participants see

Results in ConnexMe

10.e. Rating



Launched - What participants see

Results in ConnexMe

10.f. Evaluation

This format is very frequently used to ask feedback at the end of a session. In this example we ask attendees to leave a comment



Launched - What participants see

Results in ConnexMe - Comments are private and only visible to event organizers and admins

11. Brainstorming

Running a brainstorming activity is a great way to gather your attendees ideas without cluttering the main interactive feed. 

When creating a brainstorming activity, you can decide if the goal is to filter out the best ideas from your crowd or if you're looking to categorize a large number of ideas in different categories.



Launched - What participants see

The facilitator of the brainstorming activity (typically the speaker or an event admin) has access to extra controls, highlighted in orange as seen previously. For instance, by clicking on the menu icon (3 orange stacked bars), the facilitator can decide to archive an idea. 

An archive will disappear from the main idea board, but will still be accessible in the options on the top right

As you can see, not only you have the option to show archived ideas, but also to create categories and finally to export all submitted ideas. 

Archiving ideas is a great way to collect a large number of ideas from your audience and going through them, archiving ones that you don't think are as relevant right at the moment. This helps you curate all the ideas and arrive at a point where you only keep the best ones on the board, while still having access to every idea submitted if you need them. 

Results in ConnexMe - After you close the Brainstorming activity, the top 3 ideas will be displayed on the live feed

12. Launching Polls (shared results and private results)

To launch a poll, go to the Polls menu on the Interact tab, click on an existing poll and press the "Launch poll" button. 

Note that when you launch a poll, it goes out to attendees currently in the location where you launched it. 

When a poll is launched, it automatically pops up on participants devices. 

Be default, polling results are shared with attendees in ConnexMe. If you do not want that to happen, for instance if you're pushing out a post-session evaluation, you can follow theses steps to launch your poll without sharing results with your attendees.

1. Open the polls menu and go to the poll you want to launch

2. Do not click on the "launch poll" button but instead on the menu icon next to it

3. Select the second option "Re-launch Poll - Defer Results".  

The poll will still appear normally on your participant's screens, but results will only be available to event admins, not to participants as seen in the examples above.

If you do not want your poll shown on the main screen and you do not want to share the results, you can select the other option to "Re-launch poll - Confidential Results".  This will not allow for the poll to be displayed on the main screen and will not share the results.


Regardless of how you launched your polling question (sharing the results or not), you'll want to close the poll once you're done with it. You'll see a "Close poll" or "Close poll and keep results confidential" depending on how you've launched it. 

13. Exporting Polling Results

To export polling results, head to the Polls menu on the Interact tab in ConnexMe, and click on the 3 white dots towards the top right of your screen

A popup will appear at the bottom of the screen with the ability to export polling results

14. Delete previous polls

Deleting previous polling results or polls altogether is useful when you want to do tests ahead of the event. 

To delete polling results but not the question itself, click on a set of results associated to the question, as shown below:

Then click on the menu icon

And finally on Remove results.

If you want to delete a poll, click on the poll, on the menu icon and "Remove poll"

15. Work on Documents

ConnexMe allows you to share and work on documents collaboratively during your event. This is very different from simply doing a screenshare of the presenter screen, as each attendee will receive a copy of the document on their device with which they can work with and annotate. There are also options to display group annotations or even a heatmap. Documents can be provided in each room in ConnexMe. As a reminder, to switch rooms use the location selector in the top left of the Interact tab

Towards the right side of your screen you will see a "+" icon which will allow you to upload documents to this room.

You'll have different options there

- Browser the meeting docs: select one of the documents that was already uploaded to your event and add it to this specific room as a working document

- Upload a file, as the name suggests, allows you to select a file on your device and add it as a working document in this location. Note that you have an option to only unveil pages of the document as the presenter goes through them. 

Here's the difference for the same document between having it set to be entirely visible to attendees right away and having it set to be unveiled as the presenter goes through it. 

In this first example, all 18 pages are visible and accessible by the attendee

In this second example, for the same document, only the first page is visible so far and other pages will be revealed once the presenter goes through them. 

Note that you can provide multiple working documents in each of your locations in ConnexMe, and decide for each one if it should be visible right away to your attendees. 

16. Push presenter view to attendees

Presenters and event admins will have extra controls when it comes to working documents. 

As you can see, towards the right side of the screen a document icon is displayed for speakers/facilitators/event admins, and you can also see that even if a document is set to be hidden to participants, admins can see it. Note the eye icon on the pages that are not yet revealed to attendees. 

The document icon on the right side of the screen allows a speaker to push their current document (and specific page) to all attendees, making sure that all attendees will see the same content as them in real time. 

This will force the current view of the speaker on all attendees devices. As the speaker switches to a different page, all attendees are also automatically taken there. 

Here's an example where the speaker switches to page number 4

All attendees in that location will automatically be taken to that page

17. Annotate documents

For any document, image, page, slide that is available, attendees can double tap what's on the center of their screen to make it go fullscreen and access extra controls.

Attendees can use a pen (various sizes and colors), marker and add text. In this example, an attendee would most likely use the pen and draw a cross on the quadrant. 

18. View shared annotations

Just like for most interactive features, speakers and event admins have access to extra controls with working documents. A speaker can for instance share all annotations taken on a document with all attendees. 

To do that, they'll have to click on the menu icon on the left (or top) of their screen, then "Launch Visual Poll..."

Here the question could have been "Where do you think our competitors and ourselves are positioned on this quadrant?"

When launching a visual poll, the speaker will have to decide if they want to display annotations as they were taken by attendees, or if they want to display a heatmap. Generally a heatmap is more suitable when you have a large number of attendees, as displaying individual annotations can become hard to read. 

By clicking annotations, everyone currently in this ConnexMe location will see the current document with all attendees annotations. The speaker will have an option to stop this visual poll by clicking on the Stop button on the top right. 

19. Visual Poll (Heatmap)

And here's what it would look like if results of the visual poll were displayed as a heatmap