To use the heatmap feature, you will need ConnexMe TV installed and running on the presentation computer. Here's an article on how to install ConnexMe TV, and an article to capture and share slides inside the app. You'll need to share at least one slide that participants will see and annotate inside the app. 

  1. Connect to ConnexMe app
  2. Click on the Interact button
  3. Share a slide
  4. Double click on the slide 
  5. Click the hamburger button on the top left
  6. Click Annotate from the drop down
  7. Click the hamburger menu
  8. Choose Heatmap
  9. When done, click the yellow Stop button on the right side of the slide

Two things will happen when sharing the Heatmap

  1. All participants, no matter what they are currently doing inside ConnexMe, will see the slide appear on their screen with the pen tool pre-selected so they can annotate right away
  2. The Heatmap of participants annotations will become available presentation computer