Accessing ConnexMe

ConnexMe can be accessed with the latest version of Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari at You can use your email address to connect to the platform.

The organizer of the event has likely sent you a ConnexMe link with an event code that looks like[eventcode]. If you don't have a similar link or don't see the event at, please contact the organizer of the event. 

Once you have logged in to the event, please follow the steps below:

Go to the Interact tab

In ConnexMe, you will see the main navigation bar towards the top of your screen. You'll want to go to the Interact tab as highlighted below, as this is where you'll be able to activate your webcam/share your screen, and where attendees will interact with you.

Note that if you're speaking during a breakout session, you might have to select the appropriate virtual room where your session will be happening. To change your current virtual location, click on the virtual location menu towards the top left of your screen as shown below.

And select the appropriate location:

Activate your webcam

Right below the navigation bar, you will see a camera icon. Click on it to start sharing your webcam:

When you activate your webcam it will ask if you consent to be recorded (to potentially provide replays), click Continue:

And the first time you activate your webcam in ConnexMe, your web browser will ask you if you want to give microphone/webcam access to the ConnexMe platform. Click Allow to proceed:

You will now be live in ConnexMe!

Share your screen

If you need to share your screen, click on the three white dots next to the camera icon:

In this menu, you can change the webcam and microphone you're using. Towards the bottom right of your screen, you will see the Share Screen option:

Once you click on it, another popup will appear for you to select what you want to share. You can choose to share your entire screen, just an application window, or even just a web browser tab. When you've made your selection, press Share:

And now your screen will be live for participants!

Stop sharing your screen/webcam

To stop streaming in ConnexMe, simply click on the different highlighted buttons toward the top of your screen:

Change your input devices

Click on the three white dots next to the camera icon:

Then select your desired input devices:

Create Polls

On the Interact tab of ConnexMe, you will see a Polls orange button, only visible to organizers and speakers:

Once you click on it, you will see existing polling questions (pre-created but not yet launched) and can create your own polls by clicking the New poll button:

Once you click on the New poll button, you will see different polling options available to you:

Enter your question and select the desired format for answers:

One answer: attendees will select a single answer from a provided list of choices

Multiple answers: attendees can select multiple answers from a list of choices

Ranking: attendees have to rank the different choices your provide

Word cloud: attendees will get to enter their own keywords to answer the question

Rating: attendees will select a number on a scale you define

Evaluation: attendees will rate the different elements you specify using a 1-5 stars system and can leave a comment if you enable the option

Once you've created your polling questions, they will appear on the Polls menu:

Note that at this point, those Polls are created but not yet launched for the attendees to answer.

Launch Polls

To launch a poll, click on it and press the Launch Poll button:

Your question will go live for all attendees in the same virtual location as you, and it will display on their screen like in the screenshot below:

As attendees answer the poll, you will see the live results in ConnexMe:

Note that attendees will also see the live results on their Interact tab.

When you think you've collected enough results and allowed time for comments, you can click on the button Stop poll (the vote will remain on ConnexMe TV but participants will no longer be able to vote) and then close the poll by clicking on the blue Close poll button (the vote will disappear from the ConnexMe TV screen).

Review questions from the audience

Your attendees will be able to ask you questions directly in ConnexMe. To see participants' questions, go to the Interact tab in ConnexMe and look for comments and questions in the interactive feed:

Note that you can scroll down to see earlier comments posted by attendees.

If you want to, you can also provide a written answer to any comment or question (for instance after your session is over) by clicking on the desired post in ConnexMe and typing your reply: