Activate Zoom settings for Live Streaming to custom server

Go to your Zoom account Settings:

In the "In Meeting (Advanced)" section, you will find a switch to allow "Live Streaming Service meetings". Activate it and make sure to enable "Custom Live Streaming Service" :

Under the "Customise the live broadcast service" option, you can insert a template text (e.g. Zoom for ConnexMe).

Now if you go to your Zoom meeting configuration:

You will see towards the bottom of the page a place where you can configure your livestream settings:

Once you click on it, a popup will appear prompting you to enter an RTMP server URL, an RTMP Key, and a livestreaming page URL. This information will be provided by Evenium. 

Now when you'll launch your Zoom meeting, you will see a new option to go "live to Custom Live Streaming Service" :

Click on it and you'll now have your Zoom meeting embedded in ConnexMe!