Evenium clients can use the ConnexMe app within Microsoft Teams! Attendees can contribute to the live feed, contribute to polls including polls with quiz and leaderboard elements, and view slides or documents.

Current limitations:

  • Only the organizer of the Microsoft Teams meeting can add ConnexMe to the specific meeting.

  • Anonymous users don't have access to any Microsoft Teams apps. Therefor ConnexMe cannot be made available to these users.

  • Microsoft Teams Live events are not yet supported.

  • Microsoft Teams Channel meetings are not yet supported.

Regarding your IT Department: It is advised you check that your IT Department has authorized the use of ConnexMe inside Microsoft TeamsIf you don’t see ConnexMe among the apps, please contact your IT department as there might be restrictions in place and the ConnexMe app needs to be whitelisted.

Follow the steps below to add ConnexMe to your meeting

Before the meeting:

  1. Make sure that you have set up your ConnexMe account and that you have created an event within ConnexMe.  Make note of your meeting code. 

  1. Create your meeting in Teams. Note: It is mandatory that you add at least 1 required attendee   

  2. Click on the meeting you created and click Edit 

  3. Click the + button at the top of the meeting, next to the Details button

  4. Search for and click on the ConnexMe app

  5. Enter your ConnexMe meeting code 

  6. Click Save

  7. Prepare your polls by clicking the orange Poll button and clicking on New Poll 

 During the meeting:

  1. Organizers and participants will have access to ConnexMe by clicking the ConnexMe button on the top taskbar.  

  2. To share polls or slides in the center of the screen, click the upward arrow directly below the pink Leave button. Note: this will change the display for all of your attendees as well. 

  3. To stop sharing slides, click Stop Sharing on the left of the top taskbar. 

Note: you will control your camera and mic settings via the Teams taskbar at the top of the page. 


Adding and Using ConnexMe in an existing Teams meeting


  1. While in your meeting, click on the + button on the menu bar

  2. Select ConnexMe from the list

  3. Enter your ConnexMe meeting code 

  4. Click Save