Concerning gaming, the ConnexMe App has two gaming options available when using One Answer, Multiple Answers, or the Image polls: 

  1. Comparing the Right Answer (Quiz)

  2. Add to Leaderboard

A leaderboard awards points to participants according to how they answered quizzes. The leaderboard may be attached to one question or several questions allowing for an event to have one winner or several winners, depending on the setup. 

Notes on the Leaderboard

  1. A Leaderboard cannot be deleted

  2. The Leaderboard ranking may be exported or reset (Polls > Leaderboard section). 

  3. If a quiz is associated with a category, the leaderboard only lists participants in that category. 

  4. An event may have several unique Leaderboards. The default Leaderboard is called 'General'. To create a new leaderboard: 

    1. Click the dropdown list under the leaderboard's name 

    2. Create a new leaderboard (the name must be unique among the event's leaderboards).

  5. Only participants who have answered at least 1 quiz will be part of the leaderboard 

  6. A leaderboard widget can be displayed by clicking on Display on the Leaderboard page (Polls > Leaderboard section). 

Points options

Once the quiz is closed; points are awarded as follows:

  • 0 points if the participant does not answer the quiz

  • 100 points if the answer is correct

  • 10 points if the answer is wrong or partially correct

To award additional points: 

The default multiplier is set to 1, but you can award additional points to a specific quiz. By setting the default multiplier to 2, all points awarded in this quiz will be multiplied by 2. 

Points for Speed: 

This option is enabled by default. If disabled, there are more chances for draws. If several participants are ranked 1, the participants will be listed in alphabetical order.

App, Big Screen & Results Visibility 

The participants' ranking may be displayed both on the app and on the big screen.  You can display the top results or all the results; the big screen can show up to 10 participants. 

App & The Big Screen Visibility 

Display Live Results: This will display the results on the app and the big screen.  This does not include the correct answer or the leaderboard. 

Pause Quiz and Display Correct Answer: This will display both the correct answer AND the leaderboard (app + big screen).

Hide quiz from screen: This option will hide the quiz on the big screen (participants may continue to vote in the app). By clicking on it, you may then choose "Display quiz" to come back in the initial state or "Close quiz & Keep results confidential" to not display the quiz results and the leaderboard.   

Results Visibility

When launching a quiz, the results are hidden both in the app and on the big screen per default; only the question & possible answers are shown. You have additional options to display the results. 

Enable Show Leaderboard with quiz results - participants can see their own ranking AND the ranking of all participants. 

Disable Show Leaderboard with quiz results: participants can neither see their own ranking nor the ranking of all participants. 

Enable Show Leaderboard with quiz results AND Only show top x: participants can only can see the ranking of the first X. (click on the "Edit" link next to the leaderboard's name to set the X).