How to Use ConnexMe TV Web Version 

  1. The link 

To use the web version, you simply go  Click ConnexMe TV for other platforms > Web Version and log in. Then, pick your event and select your location from the drop-down menu, if you have multiple locations. For additional information on logging in, please click HERE.

  1. Technical Requirements

  1. Operating ConnexMe TV

The web version works best if you have two people running two different computers: one computer for your technical and visual support to run the session, and one for you to set up ConnexMe TV. Both ought to be connected to the AV (or technical stage) for them to be displayed on the stage screen. When you are ready to launch polls or push live feed elements yourself, the location manager or the audiovisual technician will want to switch to the computer running ConnexMe TV. Once you have closed your poll or element from the live feed it will be possible to switch again to the main computer screen displaying the slides to continue the presentation. 

  1. Viewing the Presenter’s Slides

The web application requires you to add the presentation document to the app to push it on the application. This is easy to do! If you want your slides viewed in that app, you will need to click the following button:  

From there you can select documents that have already been uploaded or add new documents.  Once the document is open, click, Push to all.  Note: The slides are currently being pushed when the “Push to all” button is yellow.

Typical Questions and Troubleshooting

What if I have a presenter who wants to use their computer for the presentation?


First, ask them if they have any polls. If not, but you still want their slides on the app, you can use the button seen above to add their slides to the app. If they want polls, make sure that you switch to the computer with ConnexMe TV to push the polls to the stage and the app. 

What if I don’t have all the speaker's documents?

You can still easily push polls using the web version.  In this case, you might not be able to have their slides on the app in the documents tab, but you can always add the slides to the app last minute via the button shown above.