ConnexMe TV Software

  1. Technical Requirements

  1. Downloading the Software

Download the software HERE. If using a Mac, you might get an error message telling you that you do not have access, so you will need to tell your computer to allow access. For a Mac, click the following: System Settings>Privacy and Security> Screen Recording, and switch to on.

  1. Logging into the Software

Once the software is downloaded, you will need to log in to the ConnexMeTV software, pick your event, and choose your room (if you have multiple rooms) in which you are using ConnexMe TV.  Please make sure that - if you have multiple rooms - you have selected the correct room on the ConnexMe TV application. For detailed information on logging in, please click HERE.  

  1. Using the Software

The software works best if you have two people running two different computers. On one computer is your onsite technical support and on the other computer is your Evenium support or your admin familiar with the ConnexMe app. Your technical support will need a method to switch from one computer to the other. Note: the computers need to be plugged in via a wired ethernet cable.

Your technical support’s computer will be the main computer from which the meeting will be run. Your tech support will run the slides/presentations from this computer.  When you are ready to push polls, push comments or questions from the live feed, or display different pages from the ConnexMe app remote control, you would then switch from the main computer to the secondary computer.  

On the secondary computer, you will have the slides up and the ConnexMe TV software running. Make sure that you click “Start Recording”. This setup ensures that your slides will be captured and stored on the app. You can then push polls from any device ie: your phone, iPad or laptop that is logged into the meeting.  Reminder: you must switch to the secondary computer when launching the polls or live feed elements since the polls are not included in the presenter's slides. Also, note that the polls or anything else that you might push from another device is essentially an overlay and must be closed after your complete the poll. When the poll or any other item that is being pushed is completed and closed, make sure your tech support switches back to the main computer.  

Typical Questions and Troubleshooting

What if I have a presenter who wants to use their own computer for the presentation?


First, ask them if they have any polls. If not, but you still want their slides on the app, you can use the button seen above to add their slides to the app. If they want polls, make sure that you switch to the computer with ConnexMe TV to push the polls to the stage and the app. 

What if I don’t have all the speaker's documents?

You can still easily push polls using the web version. In this case, you might not be able to have their slides on the app in the documents tab, but you can always add the slides to the app last minute via the following steps: 

From there you can select documents that have already been uploaded or add new documents.  Once the document is open, click, Push to all.  Note: when the “Push to all” button is yellow, the slides are currently being pushed.

Where are the slides that I captured during the meeting?

In the backoffice of your ConnexMe meeting, Click, ConnexMe on the purple navigation bar > Manage Comments and Slides > Slides